Salim Emmanuel Garcia (b. 1997–Atlanta, GA) is a Afro-Latino visual artist.

Ever since starting his career as a photographer in 2015, Salim has had placements in i-D, W-Magazine, and Cult Classic. Salim’s work is a reflection of his childhood experiences. Through the use of lighting and fantastical stage design, he tells the story of his life, dreams, and surroundings.

Salim’s work encompasses surrealistic concepts and realism to create a harmonious blend between the two contrasting worlds. Garcia's work is an imaginary bridge between fantasy and realism.

Bacherlor’s Degree in Film - Georgia State University.

Selected publications 
i-D Magazine, W-Magazine, The FADER, NEUNEU, MILKxyz, Cult Classic.

Selected clients
Converse, Beats by Dre, Sprite, Jagermeister, Walmart.